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Everything you want to know about electricity in your campervan, described in 8 blog posts. Calculate your daily usage and make your unique wiring diagram.

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Electrical Wiring Diagram | Camper-van-electrics.com

Electrical Wiring Diagram

A smart pdf file creates your unique wiring diagram.

√ Calculates wire and fuse size
√ solar panels and charge controller
√ complete overview of what you have to order


You can do the following with it:

√ inverter calculation
√ solar panel calculation
√ battery capacity calculation

Calculator your solar panels, inverter, battery size | Camper-van-electrics.com


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Auxiliary battery | Camper-van-electrics.com
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About us

We are Lotte & Gijs (on tour). A Dutch couple who, you guessed it, loves to travel! We live in a self-converted Mercedes Sprinter, together with our happy dog Noor. You can follow our adventures here!

The website was created to bundle all electrical information in one place. And to give you an extra hand we have developed a number of programs.

Good luck and enjoy your campervan build!

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