Electrical Wiring Diagram for Campervans

Make your unique wiring diagram.

Clear and concise Electrical Wiring Diagram
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In Brief:

Are you building your dream camper, but are you having trouble installing the electricity? Then this schedule is the solution for you! This diagram gives you a clear overview and makes installing your electricity easier. The diagram automatically calculates the cable thickness and fuse size, but that’s not all!

We will explain it in detail in a moment. But first we would like to introduce ourselves:

By Lotte and Gijs

Hi! We are Lotte & Gijs (and Noor 🐶). Over the past two years we have traveled through Europe in our self-converted Mercedes Sprinter camper.

While building our camper we encountered a number of challenges. Electrical information was spread across the internet and calculations were made in Google Docs, Excel files or even on scrap paper.

In 2021 we launched the Electrical Wiring Diagram for Campers, with which you can easily create complex electrical diagrams. Almost exactly two years later we proudly launch the latest Wiring Diagram!

What can you do with the Electrical Wiring Diagram?

Nice to have met you 😄.

Before we start: You need a computer or laptop in combination with Adobe Reader (free). Complex calculations are performed; these only work on a computer or laptop. It is therefore not possible to create the Camper Electrical Diagram on a tablet or mobile phone.

That said, let’s get started: with the Electrical Wiring Diagram you can create your unique Electrical Diagram in no time. You can do the following with it:


You can select different inverter/charger combinations:

✅ Victron MultiPlus: all variants available except the 3000VA variant.

✅ Ective CSI: all variants available

✅ Ective SSI: all variants available

✅ Separate inverter available in: 250W, 375W, 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 1600W, 2000W, 2500W and 3000W

✅ Don’t need an inverter? That is also possible.

Solar panels

You can select up to 5 solar panels, which you can connect in series or parallel.

Select up to a maximum of 5 solar panels

Connect these in series or parallel

✅ MPPT charger is automatically calculated based on entered data

Available solar panels: 90W, 100W, 115W, 120W, 140W, 150W, 170W, 175W, 180W, 215W, 305W, 330W and 360W

✅ Don’t need solar panels? That is also possible.


Alternator charging

Two options are available:

✅ Isolation relay: Victron Cyrix-CT 120A

✅ DC-DC charger

Available DC-DC chargers: 10A, 18A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A and 100A

✅ Not charging via the Dynamo? That is also possible.

Camper van electrics wiring diagram

Separate Mains Hook up /Shorepower

If you do not want to use an inverter, or want a separate inverter, but still want to use shore power, you can opt for a separate battery charger.

✅ Available in: 15A, 20A or 30A

✅ Don’t need a separate battery charger? That is also possible.

12V Applications

Space for connecting 10 applications, such as:

✅ USB Chargers

✅ LED-lighting

✅ Reading lights

✅ Refrigerator

✅ Roof fan (Maxxfan)

✅ Water pump

✅ Diesel heater

✅ Is your device not listed? No problem. You can also add your own ‘custom device’.

Camper van electrics wiring diagram

Other options

In addition to all the above options, there are some more functions available.

Select whether you want a remote control for your inverter

Determine your type of household battery: Lead or Lithium

Select up to 4 batteries

Easily add a battery monitor

Protect your (lead) battery with a BatteryProtect

✅ Extensive shopping list, easily buy your products

✅ Cable size automatically calculated

✅ Fuse sizes are determined automatically

Made the DIY process a lot less daunting, the wiring diagram was a great help, exactly wat I needed. And he kindly helped me out with the few questions that remained. Right now enjoying the luxury of the off-grid nespresso 😉

Pieter Janssen

The electrical diagram works great and gives you a clear overview. That alone is worth the purchase.

The best thing, however, is that Gijs is easily accessible after purchasing the schrma for any questions you may have afterwards. Professional and quick answers, recommendations for products and thinking along with problems you encounter.

Gijs's remote assistance has made it possible for us to install an electrical system where we know what everything does and where we feel safe.


Matthijs Doornekamp

Electrical Wiring Diagram

Diagram provided with an inverter and battery charger. Universal in use: compatible with all brands of inverters, charge controllers and battery chargers.


Electrical Wiring Diagram

Make your unique Electrical Wiring Diagram.

Temporary for just: 



Ective SSI Wiring Diagram

This Wiring Diagram equipped with an Ective SSI. This (German brand) unit is an excellent alternative for a Victron MultiPlus: more options for less money.


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