Hello and welcome! Busy with the electrics of your camper, or already preparing? Then you’ve come to the right place! To design an electrical wiring system, you first need to know your approximate consumption. On that basis, you can determine, for example, how many watts of solar panels you should install.

To determine your estimated consumption, you need to look up the power consumption (Watts) of all the devices you want to use. You can find this on the device’s charger, user manual or on Google. Then think about how long you plan to use this device.

You can enter this data directly into the calculator below, note that there are two columns. One for 12 volts and one for 230 volts.

12 Volt
You want to use/charge as many devices as possible on 12 Volt. For charging your phone or tablet you preferably use a usb-charger.

In the column below you can fill in the applications/devices you want to use. Press autofill Lot en Gijs op Reis to see what our consumption is.

230 Volt
Not all appliances can be connected to 12 volts, think of your Nespresso machine or a microwave. In that case you will have to use an inverter.

In the column below you fill in your applications/devices that you want to use. Press autofill Lot en Gijs op Reis to see what our consumption is.

Inverter |

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