About us

We are Lotte & Gijs (on tour). A Dutch couple who, you guessed it, love to travel! We live in a self-converted Mercedes Sprinter, together with our happy dog Noor. You can follow our adventures here!

Gijs is a mechanical engineer and the driving force behind this website. Loves hiking, surfing and entrepreneurship. Favorite quote: Chop your own wood, it will warm you twice.

Lotte loves hiking, supping and being creative. She can use this creativity in her work, because she is an architect! She also keeps up our personal blog and Instagram.

During the design of our electrical system we searched the necessary websites and watched YouTube videos. There is a lot of information out there, but not in one place. Also, the necessary scrap sheets were used to calculate and draw the electrics. In the end it all worked out! But it did require a number of nights.

We thought: if we are working on it for so long, then others will be too. That’s why we have created this website, so that all the necessary information can be found in one place. In addition, we have developed useful programs such as the calculator. This allows you to easily make your estimated consumption transparent and makes scrap sheets a thing of the past. We have also developed three diagrams to help everyone make their own wiring diagram.

Lotte en Gijs op Reis
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