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"For both the experienced and less experienced campervan builder, the site offers many helpful tools for designing a safe electrical system. Especially for the 12V DC part it is crucial to use the right cable sizes. The Electrical Wiring Diagram calculates the correct cable sizes. The blog will give you the necessary information to make the right choices for you. And if you can't figure it out, Gijs is more than happy to help. Many builders don't want to deal with the electrical installation, but with sites like this, it makes it easier!"

Hans Kramer

"Via via, I received the tip to take a look at Lot and Gijs' website for electricity tips. Not an unwise choice, as it is clearly and accessibly described. For convenience (yes... building it already takes more than enough time) I purchased the wiring diagram and what a great diagram it is! Super clear and it calculates everything nicely. Afterwards I had some nice contact via whatsapp with Lot and Gijs to ask some check questions which were answered quickly and clearly. Very satisfied and I can recommend it to anyone!"


There is a lot of interest in the wiring diagrams, with that also comes a lot of questions. Where and what products we use, setting of devices etc. We want to provide everyone with the right information, therefore it may take some time before you get an answer to your question.

Electrical Wiring Diagram

Diagram provided with an inverter and battery charger. Universal in use: compatible with all brands of inverters, charge controllers and battery chargers.


Electrical Wiring Diagram |

Victron MultiPlus Wiring Diagram

This diagram provided with a Victron MultiPlus. Ideal if you want to simplify your electrical installation and are often on shore power.


Ective SSI Wiring Diagram

This Wiring Diagram equipped with an Ective SSI. This (German brand) unit is an excellent alternative for a Victron MultiPlus: more options for less money.


It works super easy, check it out (Text is this file is English):

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